Hex Keys

At Harglo Performance we stock a range of top quality hex keys (Allen keys) by Bondhus of the USA. All Bondhus products are guaranteed for life and are manufactured from Protanium® High Torque Steel which is up to 20% stronger, offers more torque and twice the wear resistance of standard grades of steel.

Bondhus hex keys are usually supplied with Proguard corrosion resistant finish. Some products are also available with Briteguard, Goldguard or Colorguard finish.

Bondhus hex keys are available in a wide range of Metric, Imperial and Torx and Tamper-resist tip sizes, singly or in sets.
L-wrench tools are available with short, long, extra long & XX-long arms and with stubby and ball end variations for work in confined spaces.
T-bar tools are also available in different lengths and with plain hex, ballpoint and Ballstar (Torx ball-end) options.
For some applications screwdriver handles are preferred so Bondhus produce these in a range of lengths and tip sizes.
If you work with socket drivers Bondhus have a range of 3/8" and 1/2" bits available
Screwdrivers, T-handles and socket bits are available with Prohold screw holding technology, a polyamide insert which almost eliminates dropped fasteners.

The Bondhus range is truly vast and we will be constantly updating the selection of tools available at this website. In the meantime if you can't see what you need here please get in touch, Harglo Performance are able to supply most Bondhus products to order.

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